Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Course Outline B. Phil Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

Year I

Semester I

EBPhil 001:




EBPhil 002:

Computer Programming



EBPhil 003:

Microprocessor Systems I



EBPhil 004:

Electromagnetics I



EBPhil 005:

Computer Networks



EBPhil 006:

Laboratory I






Semester II

EBPhil 007:

Probability and Statistics



EBPhil 008:

Numerical Methods



EBPhil 009:

Microprocessor Systems II



EBPhil 0010:

Electromagnetics II



EBPhil 0011:

Digital System Design I



EBPhil 0012:

Control Systems Analysis and Design



EBPhil 0013:

Laboratory II









Year II

Semester I





EBPhil 0014:

Complex Analysis



EBPhil 0015:

Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers



EBPhil 0016:

Research Methodology



EBPhil 0017:

Digital System Design II











Telecommunication Systems Engineering



EBPhil 0018:

Signals and communication



EBPhil 0019:

Digital communication



EBPhil 0020:

Multimedia Communications







Instrumentation and Control Engineering



EBPhil 0018:

Signals and communication



EBPhil 0021:

Robotics and Automation



EBPhil 0022:

Embedded Systems







Computer Systems Engineering



EBPhil 0018:

Signals and communication



EBPhil 0022:

Embedded Systems



EBPhil 0023:

Electronic Instrumentation







Power Systems Engineering




EBPhil 0024:

Economics of Power Supply and Load Flow Studies



EBPhil 0025:

Electrical Machines Design


EBPhil 0026:

Protection and Switch Gear






Semester II

EBPhil 0027:

Engineering Project



EBPhil 0028:

Entrepreneurship and Business Development



EBPhil 0029:

Engineering Management



EBPhil 0030:

Engineering Practice and Ethics