Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The modern mechanical engineering technologist is expected to be skilled in communication, production, maintenance, and have good understanding of the social environment. The mechanical technologists use the arts of designing, drawing, developing, operating, maintaining and modifying various types of products, machines, mechanical systems and manufacturing processes to avail and sustain solutions that are based on a solid scientific base. This cadre of engineering personnel is very critical to the establishment and operation of industry, as they are the ones directly responsible for production. Training of mechanical engineering technologists must therefore focus on the development of strong analytical capabilities and hands on proficiency. The mechanical engineering technologist student is expected to acquire industry relevant skills to produce components and to install, operate, and analyse the performance of plants. They are also expected to acquire knowledge to enable them understand and undertake the design of mechanical systems. Theoretical and hands-on training is therefore given to mechanical engineering technologist in order to grow in them, knowledge in product and machine development, operation and maintenance. Mechanical engineering technologists are expected to work independently or with mechanical engineers in designing, drawing, developing and modifying various types of products, machines, mechanical systems and manufacturing systems. This curriculum is designed to prepare mechanical engineering technologist students for productive careers in industry, government, education, private consultancy and postgraduate studies. It contains electives that provide opportunity for each student to acquire a good understanding of specific areas of interest that may lead to diverse careers.

Entry Requirements

Candidates shall be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Mechanical Engineering Technology) program in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering within the School of Engineering Science and Technology in the following categories:

Higher Diploma (HDip) or Equivalent

Candidates eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology in Mechanical Engineering Technology must have a Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent qualifications, and must have at least two years relevant working experience.

Course Outline

Year I Semester I

EEMP 1101

Operations Research and Industrial Management

EEMP 1111

Engineering Mathematics A

EEMP 1121

Computer Applications in Engineering

EEMP 1141

Solid and Structural Mechanics

EEMP 1142

Mechanics of Machines

EEMP 1143

Turbo Machinery

EEMP 1191

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory A



Semester II

EEMP 1211

Engineering Mathematics B

EEMP 1231

Computer Aided Engineering

EEMP 1232

Electronics and Microprocessors

EEMP 1233

Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials

EEMP 1234

Electrical Machines

EEMP 1241

Finite Element Analysis and Engineering Applications

EEMP 1291

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory B





Year II Semester I Core Units

EEMP 2111

Probability and Statistics

EEMP 2131

Analysis and Design of Control Systems

EEMP 2141

Safety and Risk Engineering

EEMP 2191

Engineering Project A




Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

EEMP 2151

Computer Numerically Controlled Machines and Robotics

EEMP 2152

Advanced Machining Processes

EEMP 2153

Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials



Industrial Plant and Energy Engineering

EEMP 2161

Piping Engineering

EEMP 2162

Alternative Energy Sources

EEMP 2163

Advanced Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning



Automotive and Autotronic Engineering

EEMP 2171

Advance Vehicle Dynamics and Control

EEMP 2172

Autotronic and Auto-Electric Systems

EEMP 2173

Engine Supercharging and Scavenging



Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

EEMP 2181

Materials Forming Technology

EEMP 2182

Alloying and Heat Treatment Technology

EEMP 2183

Composite Materials Technology






Semester II

EEMP 2231

Mechatronics and Modern Control

EEMP 2232

Maintenance Engineering

EEMP 2234

Engineering, Technology Practice and Ethics

EEMP 2241

Mechanical Vibrations

EEMP 2242

Automation Technology

EEMP 2291

Engineering Project B