Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Course Outline B.Eng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Year I

Semester I

ENG 101

Mathematics IA



ENG 111

Physics A



ENG 113

Chemistry A



ENG 115

Biological Science



ENG 117

Computer Science A



ENG 121

Introduction to Engineering



ENG 123

Engineering Graphics A



ENG 181

Communication Skills










Semester II

ENG 102

Mathematics IB



ENG 112

Physics B



ENG 114

Chemistry B



ENG 116

Earth and Environmental Science



ENG 118

Computer Science B



ENG 124

Engineering Graphics B



ENG 182

Philosophy and Ethics



ENG 184

Elements of Economics









Year II

Semester I

ENG 201

Mathematics IIA



EEE 221

Fluid Mechanics



EEE 223

Solid and Structural Mechanics



EEE 225




EEE 227

Introduction to Electrical Engineering



EEE 231

Electric Circuit Theory IA



EEE 233

Physical Electronics A






Semester II

ENG 202

Mathematics IIB



EEE 222

Energy Resources



EEE 224

Mechanics of Machines



EEE 226

Material Science



EEE 232

Electric Circuit Theory IB



EEE 234

Physical Electronics B



EEE 262

Instrumentation and Measurement









Year III

Semester I

EEE 390

Internal Attachment (Workshop Practice)






Semester II

ENG 301

Linear Algebra



ENG 303




EEE 331

Electrical Circuit Theory IIA



EEE 333

Analogue Electronics A



EEE 337

Programming and Simulation



EEE 339

Electromagnetic Fields



EEE 341

Electrical Energy Systems






Semester III

ENG 302

Probability and Statistics



ENG 304

Numerical Methods



EEE 332

Electric Circuit Theory IIB



EEE 334

Analogue Electronics B



EEE 338

Electronic Circuit Design and Fabrication



EEE 342

DC Machines and Transformers



EEE 352

Digital Communication









Year IV

Semester I

EEE 490

Internal Attachment (Project Design and Fabrication)






Semester II

EEE 431

Linear Integrated Circuits



EEE 435

Power Electronics



EEE 451

Transmission Lines and Waveguides



EEE 453

Digital Signal Processing



EEE 461

Control Systems Engineering A



EEE 471

Microporocessor Systems A



EEE 473

Microelectronics and VLSI Design






Semester III

EEE 432

Embedded Systems



EEE 434

Sensors and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems



EEE 436

Digital Electronics



EEE 442

Transmision and Distribution of Electrical Energy



EEE 462

Control Systems Engineering B



EEE 464

Robotics and Cybernatics



EEE 472

Microprocessor Systems B









Year V

Semester I

ENG 590

Industrial Attachment






Semester II





ENG 581

Engineering Management



ENG 583

Entrepreneurship and Business Development



EEE 591

Engineering Project A











Power Systems Engineering



EEE 541

Power Systems Analysis



EEE 543

Induction Machines



EEE 545

Synchronous and Special Machines



EEE 547

Protection and Switchgear







Telecommunication Systems Engineering



EEE 551

Integrated Optics and Photonic Systems



EEE 553

Antannae Theory and Design



EEE 555

Wireless Communication



EEE 557

Multimedia Communication







Instrumentation and Control Engineering



EEE 561

Artificial Neural Networks



EEE 563

Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers



EEE 565

Instrumentation and Biomedical Systems



EEE 567

Pneumatics and Hydraulic Systems







Computer Systems Engineering



EEE 571

Distributed Computing and Networks



EEE 573

Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers



EEE 575

Internet Databases and Programming



EEE 577

Multimedia Communications






Semester III





ENG 522

Professional Engineering Practice



ENG 584

Law for Engineers



EEE 592

Engineering Project B











Power Systems Engineering



EEE 542

Economics of Power Supplies and Load Flow Studies



EEE 544

Electrical Machine Drives



EEE 546

Electrical Machines Design



EEE 548

Energy Conservation and Management







Telecommunication Systems Engineering



EEE 552

Microwave Solid State Devices and Circuits



EEE 554

Wireless LANs



EEE 556

Satellite and Mobile Communication Systems



EEE 558

Spread Spectrum and CDMA







Instrumentation and Control Engineering



EEE 562

Distributed Control Systems



EEE 564

Space State Design and Digital Control



EEE 566

Environmental Instrumentation



EEE 568

Digital Control Engineering







Computer Systems Engineering



EEE 572

Digital Transmission



EEE 574

Distributed Control Systems



EEE 576

Mobile Computing



EEE 578

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems













In addition to the above courses, the student shall be required to take the following as non-credit courses. The candidate shall be required to have passed in the courses in order to be admitted into Part II of the programme of study. Students are encouraged to take the modules in the first year of study. The courses shall be appropriately certificated.




Course Title



UCC 001

Health and Emerging Diseases



UCC 002

Drug and Substance Abuse