Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Department of Telecommunications and Information Engineering

The modern developments in communication and information technologies have tremendously transformed the field of electrical engineering. Today, Telecommunications and Information Engineering is involved with technologies such as satellite communication systems, mobile telephony and Internet communication systems. The common factor in these technologies is information technology, which in itself is driven by computer  technology and engineering.

Telecommunications and information engineering integrates computer systems, information, technology and  telecommunications systems engineering. In Kenya, telecommunications and information engineering is today one of the fastest growing sectors, hence the need for expertise in this area. This shortage of expertise inhibits the full realisation of the potential of the sector in the economic growth of the country.

In many cases, it has been necessary to import expertise from other countries in order to keep the industry running. Through the establishment of the Department of Telecommunications and Information Engineering, TU-K wants to contribute to the alleviation of this shortage.