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Dr. Patrick Dikiir - Publications

Articles in Periodicals

  • Robert L. Ostergard, Jr., Mathew Tubin and Patrick M. Dikirr, “Between the Sacred and the Secular: Indigenous Intellectual property, International Markets and the Modern African State.” Journal of Modern African Studies, 49, 2 (2006), pp.1-25
  • “The Challenges of Indigenizing Africa’s Environmental Conservation Goals.”The Journal of Pan African Studies, vol.2, no.3, March 2008
  • African Bio-Communitarianism Revisited.” (Submitted to Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy)
  •  “A Re-colonizing Decolonization: Confronting Eurocentric Paradigms, Reclaiming the Genius of Indigenous African Heritage” (In Progress)


  • Co- editor: Africa’s Islamic Experience: History, Culture and Politics. New Delhi, India: Sterling Publishers, 2009
  • Co-editor: Globalization & Civilization: Are They Forces in Conflict? New York: Global Scholarly Publications, 2008
  • Editor: The African Mind and Comparative Traditions of Thought, Collected Essays of Ali A. Mazrui. (Manuscript is Camera Ready, Now Looking for Possible Publishers)
  • Author: The Colonization and Enslavement of Planet Earth (Manuscript in Progress)
  • Author: Africa’s Environmental Crisis: Difficult Dilemmas, Library of Conflicting Interpretations and Future Challenges (Manuscript in progress)


  • PhD Dissertation: Africa's Environmental Crisis: Unmapped Terrain, Existing challenges and Possible Solutions (Binghamton University,State University of New York, USA, 2005)
  • MA Thesis: The Philosophy of Death and Immortality among the Maasai, (University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1994)

Chapters, in Books Edited by Others

  •  “Sagacity in the Maasai Concept of Death and Immortality,” in GranessAnke and Kresse Kai (eds.), Sagacious Reasoning: Henry OderaOruka in Memoriam, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1997: 181-193
  • Africa’s Linguistic Ecology: Between Homogenizing Intentions and Heterogeneous Outlets in the Works of Ali A. Mazrui, NgugiwaThiongo and V.Y. Mudimbe] (In progress)